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We initially tested the beta mac version of papercut. We have been using it since the beginning of official release. It was so good that we abandoned our existing windows print accounting software. Since we have had trouble free print accounting on both mac and windows platforms and saved a hell of a lot of money. The technical support is the best i have ever come across. Always friendly efficient and available outside normal hours even with the timezone difference. Try it and you won’t regret it!.

Northbrook College


PaperCut MF chosen as Buyers Lab 2013 Award Winner

PaperCut MF chosen as Buyers Lab 2013 Award Winner

BLI technicians found PaperCut to be the most feature rich solution organisations would require for accounting/print management. They found the solution to have outstanding print management tools that can help organisations of any size better understand print output and associated costs. Download the full report from our brochures section.