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We are a relatively small sixth form college in London and after evaluating/testing many print management solutions, PaperCut without a doubt came out on top. We have around 2000 users and papercut saves us a heap of toner and paper wastage. Students have to learn and plan their usage of quota and web interface, reporting, integration with AD are all exactly what we needed. Very simple to setup and maintain, I would recommend papercut to any private or public sector organisation. Well done Papercut

Brendan, Shooters Hill Post 16 Campus


PaperCut MF chosen as Buyers Lab 2013 Award Winner

PaperCut MF chosen as Buyers Lab 2013 Award Winner

BLI technicians found PaperCut to be the most feature rich solution organisations would require for accounting/print management. They found the solution to have outstanding print management tools that can help organisations of any size better understand print output and associated costs. Download the full report from our brochures section.