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Enterprise Mobile Printing
Presto is the premier solution for mobile printing. With one-of-a-kind cross platform technology, Presto works the same across iOS 8+, Android 4.4.2+, and Chrome OS 44+.

Rules Engine
Administrators have a full toolkit to control service discovery based on geolocation, groups, tags, identity, metadata, etc. 

In-Network Print Path
The Presto print path remains “in-network”.Ideal for Medical, Legal, and Enterprise organisations.

Print Management Integration
Presto integrates with AD based print management for a seamless mobile print / print management experience.

Magic Queue
Users can print to the Magic Queue (pull-printing) anywhere in the world. Connect to a Presto enabled network and release all pending print jobs.

QR Code
Simply scan the automatically generated QR code to release print jobs, begin an AirPlay session, or open web shares.

Users can find and interact with services based on their proximity.

Enterprise AirPlay® and Web Shares
Presto does more than print! Use Presto for enterprise administration of AirPlay services (Apple TV) and Web Shares.

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