Introducing DocSlide V.2.2

Info Technology Supply Ltd. (iTS) are pleased to announce the release of DocSlide v 2.2.

In a world of ever-improving technology, the possibilities of data scanning continue to grow, but so to does the risk of such data falling into the wrong hands. We at ITS strive to adapt as quickly as possible to provide the leading scan-to-email security software.

With this new release, we are continuing to improve our solution, ensuring users are always treated with the very best tools for safe and secure scanning using DocSlide.

So, what is new with version 2.2? Well, quite a lot actually, our developers have worked incredibly hard to provide users with a number of key new features and enhancements that will no doubt improve the fluidity and effectiveness of DocSlide for all our users.

New features with DocSlide v2.2:

  • IMAP(S) as a source of files

It is now possible to configure an IMAP(S) server as a source of files. This allows you to configure a mailbox to be watched on an IMAP(S) server by DocSlide and then process the attached document.

  • Merge PDF Processor

A new Processor has been added , MergePDF , this allows you to scan multiple PDF and merge them into a single PDF file.

  • Public link or Private link

You can now configure the unique document link to be private ( only accessible by the job owner ) or public which allows others to access the link.

  • Job owners details added to scan job metadata

The owner details of the job is now added to the metadata of the scanned job. These details can be used in destination rules.

  • Added validation messages on admin portal

We have introduced validation messages throughout the product to warn you of errors.

  • Added group support

You can now configure Groups which can be used to deny access to browser based flows and archive processes. These are retrieved from the user management configured in Settings.

  • Added group restrictions to browser-based flows,

When using browser portal to start a flow it is now possible to restrict access tothe flows in the browser portal by Group.

  • Group and user exclusions from archive processor,

It is now possible to restrict access to Archive processors by Group/User.

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