Introducing the new and improved PaperCut 20.1!

Here’s a sneak peak into the features and what changes to expect in PaperCut Software's latest release.

ITS are excited to announce the upcoming release of PaperCut 20.1, introducing a wide array of cool new features.

Here’s what’s included in 20.1:

  • New data integrations
  • Spool file encryption for each print job
  • User principal names 
  • Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Data integrations

You can now easily configure PaperCut’s Data Integration platform to export your usage data from PaperCut MF to your 3rd party Business Intelligence tool of choice. 

you have the freedom to build your own data dashboard through the following steps: 

Choose the datasets (users, printer, print scan and copy usage, accounts, servers) .

Click historical data export.

Choose the data output location, then the data is exported in csv format.

Once the integration is loaded into the PaperCut MF admin console, you can now build a dashboard!

If building your own dashboard sounds daunting, no worries, PaperCut provide off the shelf pre-built dashboards supported by third party integrations. 

Spool File Encryption

This feature is for organizations who are sensitive to print jobs being accessed via the disk. Spool file encryption means that all print jobs are encrypted while they are stored on the disk of the print provider and are waiting to be printed. 

With this feature, PaperCut are currently supporting Windows OS where the Windows environment must be at least Server 2012. 

User Principal Names in the Active Directory.

Prevent username clashes, unrecognised users, and incorrectly assigned print jobs in multi-domain environments by using User Principal Names (UPN). This ensures all usernames are unique. 

What’s different about this release?

With the new release comes continuous deployment, meaning from now on changes to products such as Mobility Print and Print Deploy are constant and not tied to a release number. We’re using the cloud to deliver these constant updates that arrive right on your desktop’s doorstep.

Keep an eye out for Cloud Print on Windows and Mac plus Print Deploy updates soon.