Intuitive for PaperCut MF V3 Now Released

Intuitive for PaperCut V3 has had a complete visual refresh and now brings many more powerful features to the software. The dashboards now include built-in filters which provide more granular scope of your data. Also included are grid row totals, which allow you to calculate sums, averages and high/low values in your components. The new dashboard also includes a built-in menu system allowing for easy navigation. There is also an option on each dashboard to access 'How to' video guides via a QR code.

The new version includes 8 pre-configured dashboards as standard including:

  • Executive Summary – see your top 20 users & printers, analyse the number of users, see total pages printed
  • Cost – analyse costs over time, by department and user, compare mono vs colour and print vs. copy costs.
  • User Analysis – see a breakdown of print usage by user and analyse by individual user.
  • Volume Analysis – see the print / scan / copy volume change (this year vs last year), printed pages and volume trends.
  • Printer Analysis – analyse printer variance, activity and utilisation.
  • Scan Analysis – Summary of scan activity, further analyse by individual user.
  • Cost and Volume Summary – see the impact of printing volumes and costs over a two-year rolling period, see the split of colour pages, total pages and cost.
  • Environmental Impact – see the environmental impact of your printing (CO2, energy, trees consumed) by department over a two-year rolling period.