Umango Announce Embedded Support for Toshiba

Umango is a global leader in providing powerful yet simple to configure and use capture, indexing and conversion solutions. The ability to push Umango solutions directly to Toshiba devices will allow users to profile scanned documents in real time at the device and will add incredible flexibility and solution capability. 

What sets Umango apart is the ease of which solutions can be configured and effortlessly deployed to the MFD. The capabilities of what you can do with Umango at the device are unparalleled, providing users the ability to dynamically extract meta data, browse back-end systems and export to multiple destinations in the one session at the device or web browser. Umango’s global reach means supporting an incredible array of languages both in the application, on the device and when OCRing to extract data. 

“We are pleased to welcome Toshiba on board, we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership”

- Quentin Gribble, CEO of Umango.