Client/Departmental Billing

PaperCut software allows users to allocate expenses to Shared Accounts using pop-up client software. Shared Accounts are accessible to multiple users, in organisations they may represent clients or accounts, projects, matter numbers, departments or cost centres.

Account Selection

Print jobs can be charged to accounts using the account selection popup, a feature of the client tool. PaperCut's professional client billing licensing option includes the advanced client as standard for all users. It is designed to suit organisations making heavy use of the account charging features in PaperCut. See a video of the advanced account selection pop-up from the user perspective. The advanced account selection pop-up provides the following features in addition to recording all details of a print job:

  • Charging to a shared account
  • Associating a comment with the print job for future reference
  • Applying a different charge rate to the job
  • Optionally prevent the job from being displayed on invoice reports
  • Searching for accounts by name or code
  • Saving a preferred list of commonly used accounts
  • Maintaining a list of recently selected accounts


Shared accounts can be administered from anywhere on the network via a web browser. They can be created when required, imported from a directory structure or imported from a text file.

Account Based Reporting

PaperCut has many reports dealing with shared accounts. The most common is the Invoice Report which provides a printing summary for an account (and all its subaccounts).

Similar functionality