Guest Printing

PaperCut - Guest Printing Feature Tour

Guest printing, sometimes referred to as ‘anonymous’ or ‘visitor printing’ can easily be achieved with PaperCut to allow users to print from their mobile devices without the need to set up a network account or even access to your organisation’s wi-fi network. Your network’s integrity is not compromised and visitors can get on with their work, assisted by an easy-to-use print solution. There are three methods to achieve Guest printing:

  • Direct Print - guests email their documents directly from their mobile device to an email address assigned by you to the printer.
  • Managed Release - as above but the guest collects their job from an administrator who has released it.
  • Guest Self-Release - guest emails their job to the printer email address and is provided with instructions, which include login details and how to release their print job from the release station, embedded printer or terminal. The user signs into the printer with the generic username/password/ID and then release their job.

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