Informing your Users

PaperCut has several features designed to inform users about their print jobs. Whether it be messages informing them of print summaries, balance messages, notifications about shared accounts, print saving advice or even a cool widget that displays how many trees have been consumed as a result of their print job, PaperCut software has it all.

Optional Client Software

The client tool is an optional software component that runs on users' workstations. Whilst not required to track printing due to PaperCut automatically tracking this at the server-side, it does provide services to users that enhance the print tracking experience. It displays the users printing credit in real-time and provides a convenient link to open the user web interface. It can also assist in delivering fully customisable messages such as "printing denied" or "low balance" whilst providing access to advanced features such as the ability to allocate print jobs to shared/group accounts e.g. staff in a college allocating to department or faculty accounts or corporate users allocating to cost centres, clients or projects.

PaperCut can also optionally display a pop-up with print job information including number of pages, colour/grayscale information and the job's cost and its document name. Users verify the print job and can choose to print or cancel it. This process reduces waste by reducing the number of incorrect/accidental print jobs. 






End User Web Tools

The user web interface provides a range of functionality that allows users to make the most of PaperCut without requiring intervention from administrators. It allows them to view their recent print jobs, top up their account balance and even transfer funds to another user. The user web interface is also available in a simplified form designed for mobile browsers such as smart-phones which provides access to common tasks.

Advance Scripting

PaperCut's advanced scripting interface is a powerful and flexible feature that can be used to customise your printing policy. The functionality made possible by scripting is varied and is constantly being extended based on customer demand. Some common uses so far include displaying a pop-up message if a user forgets to select duplex on large jobs and showing a dialog box that displays environmental impact statistics about a users print job such as the amount of greenhouse gases produced. This prompts the user to confirm large jobs before printing and automatically routes these jobs to more efficient high volume printers.

Cool Widget

PaperCut teamed up with a non profit organisation to develop an innovative desk top widget to educate users on the impact their printing was having on the environment. The widget presents information on the users printing which allows them to compare and benchmark their print volumes with other users with the aim of reducing their paper use.

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