iPad / iPhone Printing

PaperCut iPad / iPhone (iOS) Printing Demonstration

PaperCut's iPad / iPhone printing support (iOS App) allows users to print to all PaperCut managed printers in your organisation and provides them with the same functionality that desktop users are used to. This functionality includes authentication of the user and their print jobs, display of their current account balance, message notification and selection of and charging to shared accounts.

Deployment of the App to iOS devices can be done via a simple URL which once accessed will launch an install profile dialog.

Alternatively, for large scale deployment Advanced App Deployment can be used. Once the user has followed the installation prompts a Printing App will appear on their home screen ready for use.

Currently devices with iOS 5  and above are officially supported and we always recommend that the latest version is run where possible. However, if you have devices running iOS 4 we are not aware of any reasons why they will not work.

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