Mobile Print Release

PaperCut Mobile Print Release Application

Mobile Print Release is a core feature included in PaperCut and allows users to release jobs via their own mobile phones rather than the traditional release stations, embedded MFD software or specialist hardware.

This method of print release uses a mobile web application which means there is no need for users to install 3rd party applications or access an off-site App store (such as Apple's iTunes). The mobile web application is accessed by opening the phone's internet browser (while connected to the organisations local WIFI service) and visiting the simple URL generated by the organisations PaperCut administrators. The URL can also be generated as a QR code which can be promoted at each printer. The advantage of this model is that all network traffic and application deployment is managed securely in an organisations own network.

One of the benefits of mobile print release is that it allows secure release to be offered on any type of printer as there is no need for any dedicated hardware. Many organisations choose to have two queues for a physical printer; one direct queue for standard printing and one secure queue (a hold/release queue). When document security is important users can select the secure queue and release the job from their mobile phone. Alternatively, many sites choose to have a 100% secure environment and require release on every job. Mobile print release uses the existing hold/release functionality in PaperCut so requires hold/release queues to be set up.

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