Multi-Server Deployment

PaperCut supports single or multi-server deployment models. It is important to consider your infrastructure and environment when deciding which deployment model best suits your requirements. ITS is happy to consult with you on this decision.

Below we have summarised the most common deployment methods.

1. Single-Site, Multi-Server

Most suitable for single office locations in which many employees are working together and the loads are controlled and distributed across many print queues.

2. Multi-Site, Single-Server

Usually implemented in organisations with small numbers of office locations where sufficient bandwidth is provided for print document transfer. Organisations with such networks tend to favour single server solutions in order to keep the overheads of server maintenance low.

3. Multi-Site, Multi-Print Server

Is also popular with organisations that have a small number of locations but whose bandwidth is not sufficient enough to facilitate print document transfer. In these cases, multiple print servers are deployed to handle load distribution and minimise bandwidth requirements.

4. Multi-Site, Multi-Application Server

Large organisations with offices in many locations sometimes require multiple servers in each location. Multi-site, multi-application server solutions handle larger loads and facilitate the bandwidth required for print document transfer as well as cater for staggered updates and changes across networks.

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