One Click and Ad-Hoc Reporting with PaperCut (new video available, see the description)

One Click Reports

PaperCut provides a host of reports covering users, printers, shared accounts, groups and logs which are all easily compiled within the administration interface. PaperCut allows you to run reports from any location on the network with a standard web browser. All PaperCut reports are customisable with your organisation's logo and details. For a list of one click reports including screenshot samples see the reporting in detail tour section.

Ad Hoc Reports

PaperCut allows for bespoke reports to be generated. Filters are provided allowing for finer analysis of particular content e.g. show print logs for all users who printed between the given dates and whose printing was denied because they had run out of funds. With PaperCut Ad Hoc reports you can construct your own datasets for reports, run reports over given ranges or filters and export data from lists or tables.

Schedule / Email Reports

PaperCut features scheduled reporting which allows you to automatically generate regular reports which are sent direct to your email.

Format Choice

All PaperCut reports are available in PDF, CSV/Excel and HTML format.

Graphical Reports

PaperCut also features advanced graphical charts to complement printable reports. Charts are interactive for further investigation and reflect data in real-time.

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