Rules & Routing

Print Policy Rules and Print Optimization with PaperCut

PaperCut offers network administrators the ability to set up print policy rules which filter, route or restrict print jobs based on their characteristics. Each printer has its own set of restrictions and the rules can either apply to all users or restricted users only.

These rules include the ability to:

  • Restrict printer access to one or more user groups
  • Detect and delete duplicate print jobs
  • Watermark or annotate jobs at the top or bottom of a printed page as set by the PaperCut administrator
  • Define the maximum cost or number of pages for a single print job
  • Filter documents based on the file extension or name
  • Allow only selected paper sizes
  • Set a printer to allow only colour or black and white print jobs

Users can also be reminded via a pop-up message to print duplex if PaperCut detects large volume print jobs.

The rules can also be set to discourage users from printing emails, printing web pages in colour or to route large jobs to dedicated high-volume printers to minimise delays to other users.

PaperCut's print policy management is powered by advanced scripting and can be quickly tailored to meet your organisations unique printing requirements. 

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