Web Print

Supporting BYOD student wifi printing with PaperCut

PaperCut Web Print - No Additional Cost

PaperCut's unique Web Print solution is included as standard with no additional charge and manages the increasing requirement for printing from laptops, wireless devices and anonymous users. Web Print enables users to print from their own mobile devices without the need to install printer drivers or acquire server authentication.

Web Print also tracks wireless printing from the iPad and iPhone (AirPrint on iOS devices). See the tracking iPad printing tour page.

Web Print is a simple process which involves the user selecting the printer they would like to release their job from. PaperCut automatically generates a list of available printers and can also compile a map of the devices locations. The user then simply uploads their document and can track the progress of their job to see when it has started printing. All activity is logged, charged and accounted for in PaperCut just as if they had printed via a standard printer share.

This functionality also does not require any registration to a cloud service as it is locally hosted and in your control/domain/network.

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