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iTS AFAS Connector

Seamless integration with AFAS Software from virtually any scanning platform

iTS has developed a connector for AFAS which utilises the AFAS Profitwebservices to enable documents to be added directly and efficiently to the dossier in AFAS Profit and AFAS Online.

The connector acts as an extension which enhances the functionality of existing scanning solutions you may be using such as DRIVVE | Image and Umango to ensure your documents are perfectly digitised and can be located quickly and easily in your AFAS folders.

How does it work?

In the administration interface the connection is made to the AFAS environment and the bi-directional communication ensures that all AFAS information is readily available.

From the touchscreen of the multi-function device (MFD), you can scan documents directly, for example, to a customer folder. By searching the desired customer data on the display of the MFD the document is then added to the folder immediately, for example, as a text-searchable PDF document. If desired, a file name and/or additional metadata can also be entered at this point. This simplifies the storage of paper documents in the AFAS environment. 

In addition to scanning documents to folders, it is also possible to automate the processes for ‘Form Registration Authorisation Intermediate’ and the Documents Prepare Declaration (IB and VPB). The documents are scanned in batches and associated parameters are placed directly into AFAS removing many of the manual administration processes.

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