Data Integration Services

Cire Custom Authentication Tool

ITS has developed the Cire Custom Authentication Tool to simplify the integration of PaperCut and/or MyPC with a library management system (LMS). The Cire Custom Authentication Tool automatically adds users as required rather than performing a full user import - saving time and keeping administration simple. MyPC also offers an optional charging module, which can configure the PaperCut wallet to hold funds for computer usage, and provide full audit trails via PaperCut Reports.

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PayEx Konto Database Agreement Tool

ITS have developed a Database Agreement Tool that interfaces with PayEx 'Konto' on-demand method. This will enable the students to map their PaperCut account to their PayEx client reference and store that in an external lookup database.

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ITS Data Integration Services - Accounting

ITS offers a Data Integration Service that works with Accounting systems. These systems have client codes as a means of charging back costs incurred for print and copy activities for various clients. The service allows for the automatic import of these accounts into PaperCut as well as an automatic import of PaperCut transactions back into the Accounting system. 

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