Print & Copy Terminals

ITS Fast Release Terminals

ITS supplies two variations of fast release terminal which both offer access to secure print release and Find Me printing.

Secure print release allows print jobs to be collected once a user has identified themselves at the device whilst Find Me printing allows users to print to a virtual print queue and release jobs at any associated device.

The authentication methods available are:

•    Proximity card for use with the ITS Fast Release Terminal.
•    Numeric ID code for use with the ITS Numeric ID Fast Release Terminal.

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cPad Touch Screen Print & Copy Terminal

The cPad Terminal is a touch screen unit with an integrated PaperCut interface that plugs into the selected MFD via an access port. It is hardware neutral and can turn almost any copier or multi function device into a PaperCut tracked and controlled machine. The cPad has been developed in partnership with PaperCut and aims to bring the touchscreen functionality seen on embedded solutions to a vendor independent hardware offering. The cPad can also be used for secure and Find Me print release on standard desktop printers.

  • User friendly 7” colour display with 800 x 480 resolution
  • Multiple methods for users to identify themselves; onscreen QWERTY keyboard, ID card, BioStore or LiveRegister Biometrics
  • 2 port network switch which eliminates the need for an extra ethernet connection
  • Personalised end user interface displaying credits and costs of releasing jobs
  • Selected release or save for release later
  • Can reflect corporate identity on the screen or display internal messages when not in use
  • Compatible with 99% of available network printers or multi function devices
  • Transferable between devices should your hardware change

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