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Princity is a web based (SaaS) Managed Print tool designed to make automated consumables orders, fault management and meter reading collection easy.

Key Functions of Princity:

  • Allows users to track the complete process of consumable supply through to fulfilment and provides precise reporting data on the number of pages printed, which can be presented as usage graphs.
  • Automates reports on the number of printed pages and printing costs.
  • Automatically detects printer malfunctions and the possible causes. 
  • Determines whether a malfunction is likely to require specialist attention in order to fix it and provides an estimate for the time required and the cost of repair.
  • Cloud an on premise installations available.
  • Offers remote device management.
  • Provides APIs for easy integration with accounting and storage systems to perfectly match your infrastructure.
  • Supports USB printers (contact us for more information)
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

About Princity

Princity has been managing printing systems in large financial institutions and retail chains for over six years and together with their network of partners has created many solutions to optimise the use of printing equipment and the management of printing costs.

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How does it work?

Princity Architecture

Princity Cloud - App server hosted by the Microsoft Azure platform. 

Princity Monitor - A  thin client installed on the customers network on a networked machine. The Monitor app searches for printers on the network and verifies their condition in a cyclical manner. 

Web Interface - A console for managing devices which is available via a web browser from:

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