USB Card Readers

USB/Network Card Readers

ITS supplies a wide range of USB/Network card readers from traditional barcode and magnetic stripe cards to those that support modern proximity cards which can read the unique serial number of proximity cards and tokens (e.g. key fobs) or specific sectors if required. Supported card technologies include:

  • Mifare
  • HID prox
  • HID iClass
  • Legic
  • Hitag 2
  • Mag stripe
  • Indala
  • iClass
  • EM/Ask
  • Barcode

ITS also provides a card testing service whereby you can simply send us the card and we will test and make sure that it is fully compatible with the appropriate reader and the PaperCut embedded application. If your card type is not listed above please do not hesitiate to contact us.

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Card Reader Mounting Kit

The Card Reader Mounting Kit is designed to house and hold the installation of RFID readers where it is not possible to embed the reader into the machine, available in black or white. The kit consists of one ground plate and two brackets with screws and a double sided strong adhesive pad. The kit consists of one bracket holder, one cable raceway, one outside corner and three cable clips. It can be assembled on the left or right side and there are also optional additional screwing hole located on the base plate. 

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