USB Card Readers

USB/Network Card Readers

ITS supplies a wide range of USB and networked card readers, including traditional barcode, magnetic stripe and modern proximity card readers, which can return the unique serial number of proximity cards and tokens (e.g. key fobs) or specific sectors if required. Supported card technologies include:

  • Mifare        
  • Mag stripe
  • HID prox        
  • Indala
  • HID iClass        
  • iClass
  • Legic        
  • iCode
  • Hitag 2        
  • Barcode

ITS supplies sophisticated Elatec TWN4 and RF IDeas pcProx Plus multi-frequency, programmable card readers that provide the advantages of reading both proximity and contactless smart cards in one reader allowing organisations to use multiple card technologies.

The pcProx Plus is also available in an ultra slim version, which allows for easy and elegant installation in recessed compartments and is currently available for HP, Ricoh and Toshiba eStudio multi-function devices.

These readers, along with PaperCut MF print management software, create a secure print management solution that features authentication, pull printing, job accounting and charge back while enabling compliance with print policies.

ITS also provides a free card testing service whereby you simply send us the card and we will test and make sure that it is fully compatible with the appropriate reader and the PaperCut embedded application. If your customer’s card type is not listed above please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that not all card readers are compatible with all embedded solutions. Please contact ITS to discuss compatibility. 

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pcSwipe Enroll Mag Stripe USB Card Reader

The RF IDeas pcSwipe intelligent magnetic stripe card reader is a cost-effective and efficient solution for customers wanting to leverage their existing base of magnetic stripe card-carrying personnel. The pcSwipe reader is compatible with the billions of magnetic stripe cards in circulation worldwide. As with all RF IDeas products, the pcSwipe has been designed to meet the identification and security needs of customers in many different applications and environments (see examples below). In addition to solid construction and numerous flush mounting options, key features include bi-directional swiping capability and fast swipe speeds for maximum usability.

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The new TWN4 USB Front Reader offers unprecedented flexibility, convenience and cost-effectiveness for an authentication solution.


  • Easy setup for an authentication solution
  • 360° rotatable USB interface
  • All-in-one device: RFID (125/134.2 kHz+ 13.56 MHz) + NFC + BLE
  • 60+ RFID technologies supported  
  • Pass-through USB port supports printing from USB sticks
  • Various applications


  • Powerful software development package (SDK)
  • Supports quick (re)configuration via the network and wireless interface with TWN4 CONFIG Card
  • Allows for activating the USB interface on the front panel
  • TWN4 Upgrade Card for P and PI options available
  • LEGIC version available
  • Customisable inlay

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Card Reader Mounting Kit

The Card Reader Mounting Kit is designed to house and hold the installation of RFID readers where it is not possible to embed the reader into the machine, available in black or white. The kit consists of one ground plate and two brackets with screws and a double sided strong adhesive pad. The kit consists of one bracket holder, one cable raceway, one outside corner and three cable clips. It can be assembled on the left or right side and there are also optional additional screwing hole located on the base plate. 

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