Value loaders / Money loaders

ITS CL3 Value Loader

The ITS CL3 is a fully featured value loader which can be configured to accept a combination of coins, notes or cards for topping up user accounts. The user simply presents their card or enters their ID Number, inserts required funds and optionally, prints a receipt. It is ideal for environments where staff time is at a premium and self-service is essential due to the minimal operator assistance required.

  • 7.5" touch screen
  • Accepts combinations of coins and notes for account top up
  • Accepts contactless credit/debit cards for account top up
  • Accepts multiple user card formats such as ABA, magnetic stripe, prox and barcoded. 
  • Completely self-service in operation offering 24 hour availability
  • Users can top-up their accounts quickly and efficiently
  • Complete record of user transactions via internal meters which count and track deposits
  • Highly secure and robust
  • Wall mountable or optional stand 

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ITS PAYG Elite Cash Acceptor

The ITS:Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Elite Cash Acceptor is a high performance yet economical solution that combines print release, account loader and copy controller into a single unit which facilitates controlling and charging for printing and copying.

The 7.5” colour LCD touch screen can be equipped with a magnetic swipe, contactless or barcode card reader for user authentication. Once authenticated, the user is able to deposit money into their PaperCut account and the print or copy transaction is processed, charged for and logged. The print job is then released, or the copy function enabled, and the transaction balance is displayed.

The ITS:PAYG Elite Cash Acceptor is the ideal solution for environments such as public libraries, university campuses and internet cafes.

  • Replaces traditional print release stations
  • Charges for printing and copying
  • Hassle free installation
  • Completely self service
  • Users can pay for their print or copy jobs quickly and efficiently
  • Accepts local or international currency
  • Easy to configure and adjust pricing
  • No additional stand required
  • Reporting capabilities available to track usage
  • Easily connected to copiers using accessories
  • Can be used as a value loader for your PaperCut account
  • Compatible with the majority of modern MFDs

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ITS K3 PaperCut Payment Kiosk

The ITS K3 PaperCut Payment Kiosk is a stylish and durable touch screen device designed especially to run PaperCut Pay Station software. Available in coin and note payment formats it provides users with an easy way to add credit to their print and copy accounts.Users are able to log on to add credit via their username and password, swipe card, barcode or proximity card including both Mifare and HID all from the convenience of a robust, fully integrated device.

  • LCD display screen
  • Anti-Vandal chemically hardened touch screen
  • Scratch resistant powder coated finish
  • Easily accessable for staff with front and rear lockable opening panels
  • Industrial PC
  • Highly durable and stylish
  • Branding options available range from a customised vinyl logo to a full colour graphic covering the front of the kiosk
  • Reduced height to accommodate wheelchair users (DDA - Disability Discrimination Act compliant)
  • Multifunctional unit
  • Internal components selected for low energy consumption
  • Card reader options include Magstripe, Mifare and HID
  • Options for barcode scanner and thermal printer

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