Umango Convert

Provides a powerful, easy to configure document converting and routing solution that offers a flexible range of options for converting your existing electronic files and scanned paperwork. Includes watch folder, email address and embedded MFP functionality (on supported devices).


  • Create job buttons from Umango Convert directly onto the touch screen of your supported multifunction device.
  • Watch folders and import images / documents as they are dropped into folders.
  • Convert documents to a wide range of formats including Word, Excel and text searchable PDF/A (and others).
  • Convert scanned documents to Excel and choose just to convert the tables as well as create a tab for each table OCRd.
  • Convert documents in directories and sub directories and recreate the directory as part of the file conversion process.
  • Supports running as a Windows Service. Simply create the jobs, select run as a service and shut the application down for continued processing. User notifications can be created as part of the windows service or via the Windows system tray.
  • Output files to a folder, SharePoint, HP Record Manager, Alfresco, FTP, HTTP, email, custom scripts or all at once.
  • Supports job separator sheets and separate on page count to allow multiple documents to be scanned all at the one time.