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Easy mobile payments with Kuario Payment Gateway

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Adopting a managed print solution is a popular choice for many organisations where services need to be paid for, such as shared offices or educational centres, as it removes the tiresome duties of installing and maintaining a fleet of printers, but sometimes it can raise issues with how credit management is going to be conducted to enable registered users to be able to pay for print, copy and scan services.

Kuario can take care of all of these.

Credit management can bring its own challenges such as:

  • How will credit be applied to a user’s account?
  • Who will be responsible for managing and controlling this process?
  • Will credit methods also be enabled to pay for other services such as vending machines or catering services?

Regardless of the print solution running across your print fleet the Kuario Payment Gateway has been specifically designed to enable easy payments by securely connecting your locally installed print solution to the Kuario Cloud Platform. Your existing local print solution continues to function as usual, but your users pay for their print jobs with the Kuario mobile app.

If required, users can also link their existing company or campus card to their Kuario account in order to easily pay for other services such as vending machines which have an RFID reader simply by presenting their card, the resulting transactions are then charged to their Kuario account.

End-user benefits of the Kuario mobile app:

  • Clear overview of all transactions
  • Send VAT receipts to your mailbox
  • Easy auto top up options to ensure there is always enough balance on their account
  • Top up via international & local payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal
  • Link their organisation/institution card to their Kuario account
  • Transfer credits between Kuario users
  • Create shared wallets with friends or colleagues

Besides end-user benefits, Kuario also offers many advantages for the provider of the paid services as it is a multi-use micro payment platform which can be used for all kinds of paid facility services such as printing, vending, or catering etc.

The Kuario platform manages user credits for you and keeps track of transactions within the organisation/institution, eliminating responsibility for user’s credits in a cloud-based platform which is PSD2.0 and GDPR compliant with European financial legislation. Kuario is also a global solution available in multiple languages and can therefore manage multiple currencies via an intuitive user interface with detailed reports available.

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