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PaperCut 22.0

Introducing the latest release from PaperCut Software

PaperCut 22.0

What's included in the latest release?

  • PaperCut Grows program launch enabling Forest Positive printing
  • Print Deploy scalability and UX improvements
  • A new responsive and accessible End-user web interface
  • Document compression scanning options
  • Scan to fax support for Ricoh SmartSDK
  • A new persistent M&S expiry banner in MF Admin Dashboard

PaperCut 21.2

What's included in the latest release?

  • Advanced Scan to fax - Additional device release (contact list and multiple recipients)
  • Advanced Scan to Fax - Multiple recipients for scan to fax
  • Additional Scan to Fax - New fax provider added to portfolio
  • FujiFilm (formerly Fuji Xerox) brand refresh
  • HP Enhanced scanning support
  • Azure AD sync updates
  • OCR enhancements
  • Mobility Print Cloud print enhancement

The latest features with PaperCut MF 21.1

Enhancements on Scan to Fax for Healthcare

Now when multiple recipients need the same information simultaneously (like a health insurance claim), users can send their sensitive documents to all the destinations at the same time. 

For those fax providers that support address book functionality, we’ve also developed an integration (specifically with RightFax and XMFax) that allows this contact information to be shown in an address book right from the MFD panel running PaperCut embedded software.

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Additional brands now support mixed page size scanning

Need to scan documents of all different sizes at one time? PaperCut can now auto detect the page size to save your originals at the same size they're scanned in, no matter the order of your scan, or the sizes in your batch.

Support for Google Cloud Directory sync of custom attributes via LDAP

This will make setup for administrators simpler and more convenient with a boost to their workflow.

PaperCut 21.0: What's in the new release?

Productivity & Efficiency

Enhanced HP workflow – login to the new app home screen when enhanced mode is enabled for a consistent experience in mixed fleet environments (MF only)

Print Security

Azure AD auth – supports user sync and auth via Azure AD’s Graph API
Google multi-domain sync – sync users from multiple Google Cloud Directory domains

Scanning and Capture

Scan to Fax – send scanned documents via secure fax transmission (select MFD brands)

Cloud Print

Includes Microsoft Universal Print
Cloud Print* – now available for Mac and Windows (Beta), Chromebook (public) now 

Copyright Compliance Automation - Cut paper wastage and save the environment by recording your copyright material usage through PaperCut MF’s new scan to CLA (UK) cloud connector.

Scan to Fax KM & Toshiba - New scan action in PaperCut MF to allow users to send a scanned document as a fax through their preferred fax provider.

Enhanced HP embedded application - Authenticate & login directly to PaperCut MF providing a consistent user experience with all other brands

Azure AD user sync and auth via Graph API - Users are securely synchronized against Azure Active Directory in the cloud, using Microsoft’s modern Graph APIs

Multi Domain Support – Gsuite - Sync users across multiple Google Cloud Directory domains without worrying about username clashes or lost print jobs.

Enhance Sharp Embedded Application - The new “Mixed” paper size option within Integrated Scanning both auto-detects page sizes and handles inconsistent page sizes within a single job.

Toshiba language selection - For environments where multiple local languages are spoken, users can now select their preferred language from the Papercut home screen

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