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Take control of your scanned documents

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Secure and flexible scanning with DocSlide

Security surrounding electronic document transfers is of the utmost importance for the majority of businesses, so scanning a sensitive document to your email, then finding out the file has not made it to your inbox is a nightmare scenario. Luckily, ITS have developed DocSlide to address security concerns around scanning files to email.

DocSlide not only encrypts and saves the scanned file to a secure folder but also transmits it via a secure encrypted HTTPS link to the scanned document. Only the user who scanned it has access and the downloaded file is then deleted from the server.

DocSlide requires no other software, offers cross platform support, and can be implemented for use with any brand of multi-functional device. What’s more, we have also designed it to be compatible with both PaperCut and Umango to complement and extend functionality and enhance your existing implementations of these solutions.

Example 1: Scan to email with encrypted HTTPS link via PaperCut:

Job is scanned using PaperCut integrated scanning and sent to DocSlide including user login detail as the filename. DocSlide then saves in secure folder, encrypts, and sends encrypted HTTPS link to the user’s email which only they can download.

Example 2: Scan to email with encrypted HTTPS link via Umango:

Job is scanned using PaperCut integrated scanning and sent to DocSlide including user login detail as the filename. Job is then sent to Umango for OCR and returned to DocSlide where it is saved in a secure folder, encrypted, and the encrypted link is then sent to the user’s email.

Example 3: Docslide scan from MFD to user’s home folder: Job is scanned using the native mail feature on the MFD and sent to DocSlide. The user details are retrieved from PaperCut and used to name the scanned file. DocSlide then sends the job to the user’s home folder where it can be accessed.

DocSlide V2.6

LPR Printer
Jobs can now be routed to remote printers using the Line Printer Remote protocol.

Secure FTP
It is now possible to set a secure FTP as a destination.

You may need to extract information from jobs but not store or include the information in a set job flow process. If selected, this option will ultimately delete the file.

Audit Processor
This new processor allows print and scan jobs to be monitored for specified keywords. There are two ways this can be incorporated into your processes:

  • Silent Monitoring - Users can print or scan jobs which contain flagged words with no restrictions implemented but the administrator will be sent a copy of the job with the keywords highlighted.
  • Block - If a user tries to print or scan a job which is found to contain flagged keywords the job will be blocked.

DocSlide V2.3

Digital Signature in PDF Documents via a Certificate

This release introduces a new processor to protect PDF files from any unauthorised editing or tampering. This is achieved by allowing you to assign a digital signature in a PDF via a certificate.

Add PDF Metadata to PDF documents

A new processor has also been introduced to add additional metadata to PDF files. Examples of the additional metadata that can be added when the document is processed through DocSlide are: Author, Creator, Subject, Title, and Keywords.

Create unique folder for each scanned document

When scanning to a Folder destination it is now possible to create a new folder if the folder already exists. DocSlide will now add a suffix to the duplicate folder which carries the same name.

Key Features

  • Administered via a web portal on any browser
  • Scans and processes files with xml metadata
  • Reads XML metadata for user information from scanning solutions such as Umango
  • Can receive scanned jobs from hot folders
  • Stores and encrypts jobs in server folder
  • Utilises file names of scanned files to process jobs
  • Deletes scanned files after set configured time has elapsed
  • Ensures only intended recipient can download scanned file
  • Documents can be shared with others via web link
  • Integrates with LDAP, Active Directory and PaperCut to retrieve user attributes such as email address and home folder details
  • Jobs can be archived including user metadata
  • Desired output destinations can be defined as email with attachment, email with https link, home folder or any specified folder
  • Includes embedded database for system configuration
  • Can store scanned jobs in multiple locations in one process
  • Exports scanned files and creates metadata file via system variables; txt, xml, xst etc.
  • Available in English, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Dutch, French, Russian and German languages

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