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Connect in-house print rooms and 3D fabrication labs to PaperCut MF

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Connect in-house print rooms and 3D fabrication labs (Fab Labs) to PaperCut MF. Job Ticketing allows you to track and control production printing, 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling, or any other service offered through these facilities. It doesn’t matter what type of device it is, they can all be managed.

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Using Job Ticketing

Job Ticketing provides a simple way for users in PaperCut MF to submit an order online. You can ensure all required information is collected during the ordering process through pre-configured products and options. Here at iTS we have built a large portfolio of Job Ticketing products so please do reach out for examples and guidance. 

Job Ticketing for Customers

The User Web Interface of Job Ticketing provides a readily accessible and simple to use order submission form that allows customers to select which type of job they wish to order. As it is a feature of Job Ticketing they can charge their print jobs directly to either a personal or shared account.

Job Ticketing for Operators

Job Ticketing provides a visual workflow for operators to track a job from submission through to delivery to the customer. It includes a standard workflow and product examples but can also be fully customised. You are free to design your workflow around the way you operate your print room as well as create your own customised products.

Installing Job Ticketing

The PaperCut MF web admin dashboard offers a quick and easy way to trial Job Ticketing prior to publishing the print room. Of course a licence will be required in order to make public. Contact us to get a copy of the Job Ticketing installer.

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