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PaperCut MF

Powerful print management for printers and MFDs

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PaperCut MF is a powerful print management solution to enable, track, manage and secure your printing, copying and scanning. Regardless of the size of your organisation, the printers you use or operating system on your computers, PaperCut MF is the solution for you. With a cross-platform, vendor-neutral approach to technology it's a solution that just works.

Why PaperCut MF?

  • Easy to install, use and manage
  • Feature rich and regularly updated modern software
  • A complete solution from the leaders in print management
  • No expensive add-on 3rd party components
  • Embedded software for all brands of multifunction devices
  • Simple licensing
  • Multi-platform support
  • Hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide

Experience full printing autonomy with MF

  • Track and control walk-up / off-the-glass photocopying using hardware or software solutions.
  • 100% web-based administration allowing admin control from anywhere on the network.
  • Cross-platform support for both servers and clients. Available for Windows, Mac, Novell and Linux.
  • Vendor neutral - no hardware vendor or operating system lock-in.
  • Differential copy/print charging allowing costs to be defined per copier or printer.
  • Varied prices for colour, duplex and large format printing.
  • Print release and secure printing for pay-per-print usage in public libraries or internet cafes.
  • Advanced reporting in PDF, HTML and Excel that can all be automated.

Increase productivity, reduce costs and promote sustainable printing

  • Charge to shared accounts - great for allocating costs to departments, faculties or cost centres (e.g. project codes, legal matters, etc.) 
  • Import users and groups from Active Directory, Azure AD or an LDAP server like Open Directory or Novell eDirectory.
  • More than 80 built-in web-based reports including environmental impact.
  • Support for custom reports and integration with BI dashboard applications.
  • Mobile / BYOD printing - mobile print release, Google Cloud Print replacement, Android, iOS support and Web Print. Cloud Print for Chrome books (Windows and Mac coming soon)
  • Track local printers.
  • Integrated scanning (selected manufacturers).
  • PaperCut Site Server - delivers system resiliency in multi-site and multi-server environments.
  • Support for serverless printing - PaperCut direct printing makes it easy to print directly from a computer to a printer without a print server.

Scan and digitise your documents

With cutting-edge cloud and document processing tech, PaperCut MF makes MFD scanning simpler, smarter, and more business-integrated than ever to give you more information, more readily.

Any Destination

One-touch scan to home folders, email, or cloud storage accounts like Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Box.net, and Dropbox.

Smarter digitised documents

Activate OCR and image processing to make documents more useful, text searchable and editable.

Universally user friendly

Enjoy a consistent, modern, and easy-to-use scanning interface on any MFD brand and model.

How can we track copying?

PaperCut MF provides full support for embedded software. Alternatively, support for add-on hardware terminals for older devices is available.

Product tour

View the full PaperCut tour which allows you to explore all aspects of the solution, or view the PaperCut web print tour.


PaperCut Software have built up an extensive knowledgebase, which is available online for any interested party to view as are the PaperCut MF Release Notes.

How to buy?

Simply contact us and we will put you in touch with a member of our reseller network who will be happy to provide a quotation. 

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