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Software solutions available from iTS


PaperCut MF

PaperCut MF allows organisations to track, control and optionally charge for the printing and copying performed by users. The implementation of a solution reduces paper and toner waste, cuts costs, reduces the impact of your organisation’s paper output on the environment and makes both users and departments more accountable.

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PaperCut NG

PaperCut NG provides organisations with the technology to control the use of network printing. The solution can be implemented in various ways including silent monitoring, quota enforcement and rules for different print devices. PaperCut NG also includes the ability to optionally charge users for print jobs and seamlessly integrates with your network's existing print servers.

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AFAS Connector

iTS has developed a connector for AFAS which utilises the AFAS Profitwebservices to enable documents to be added directly and efficiently to the dossier in AFAS Profit and AFAS Online.

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docQmanager provides powerful, simple to use drag and drop print job management for production document printing, whether it be for a Central Reprographics Department (CRD), transactional print output from an IT Data Centre, or as a common central spooling device for managing jobs between disparate departmental networks.

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When a document is scanned, DocSlide encrypts the file and saves it to a secure folder, but also transmits it via a secure encrypted HTTPS link directly to the scanned document. Only the user who scanned it will then have access to the file. Once the file has been downloaded it is then deleted from the server removing the risk of it falling into the wrong hands.

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Intuitive for PaperCut MF

Intuitive for PaperCut MF is a pre-integrated Business Intelligence solution which utilises dashboards for the easy visualisation of data within your PaperCut MF system. This allows the solution to be delivered and enabled within a single day at a significantly reduced cost and with superior analysis capability when compared with other BI solutions. 

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PaperCut Multiverse Logo

PaperCut Multiverse

PaperCut Multiverse is a remote service platform that enables you to provide your customers with various levels of service to meet their printing requirements and as it is entirely cloud-based, this enables you to remotely manage, monitor and support their PaperCut software environment.

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Princity is a web based (SaaS) Managed Print tool designed to make automated consumables orders, fault management and meter reading collection easy.

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Pumac the simple web-based application designed to extend the functionality of PaperCut NG and MF software in environments where preconfigured guest cards are utilised. 

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Provides a powerful, easy to configure and use batch scanning solution. Offers a flexible range of options for extracting information from your images and paperwork. Includes TWAIN scanning and embedded MFD functionality (on supported devices).

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Umango – OCR & Document Conversion for PaperCut MF

Umango leverages PaperCut MF’s Integrated Scanning to provide powerful OCR integration, document conversion and routing tools. With Umango you can transform scanned documents into a wide range of formats including Word, Excel and text searchable PDF/A which can be delivered directly to your home folder, email address, departmental shared folder and various other locations including SharePoint.

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