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Metadata in PDF

How to add custom values to enter metadata such as invoice numbers into a pdf document.

Image Enhancements

How to correct errors such as skewed scan jobs and the various options available within Umango image enhancements such as convert to black and white, remove document borders and set the highlight colour for redacted text.

Merged Text Connector

Umango includes many connectors as standard for exporting scanned documents to file management systems such as Google Drive and Dropbox. If your file management system is not listed you can still utilise the merged text connector. This video shows you how.

History Logs

History Logs keep a detailed record of all jobs that have been processed by Umango and can be filtered by day or date range. The resulting data can be exported to a variety of file types such as PDF, CSV or Microsft Word.

Zone Properties

Zones are used within Umango to indicate where information should be read and captured from and there are many different types of zone such as OCR Text, Optical Mark and Barcode.

PaperCut and Umango Integration

With approximately 100 million customers worldwide scanning with PaperCut how can adding Umango bring benefits to your document processing and create a safe, secure and comprehensive scanning experience.

Umango Terminology

This short video provides an explanation on some of the terminology used within Umango when conducting document processing.

Simple Job Wizard

Learn how to use the Simple Job Wizard in Umango to convert and store many different file types and utilise system variables to organise processed jobs. 

Print Export Connector

Andrew Wade, Global Channel Manager at Umango explains how the Print Export Connector, one of many export connectors developed by Umango, is used to output an additional hard copy of a scanned image or document.

Email Merge Connector

The Email Merge Connector allows you to send an email containing merged metadata from a Umango job. This video outlines how to configure settings for this connector.

M-Files Connector

Umango facilitates the capture and export of information into many different back-end systems with its range of connectors which now includes one for the content management platform, M-Files. In this video, Julian from Umango and Lee from M-Files discuss how easily Umango and M-Files work together.