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Scanning & file conversion specialists exclusively distributed in Europe by iTS

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Umango Explained

Extract Data and Convert Formats

Umango provides a professional batch scanning solution for medium to large organisations who require a quick and easy way to scan, index and store documents. These can be profiled at the desktop, on a supported multifunction device or on a tablet or mobile.

Umango also provides automated conversion of a wide range of file formats into a unified file name and file format without any user intervention required. Once documents have been converted, separated and cleaned, they can then be routed to multiple destinations simultaneously.

Umango Tiers

Umango Essentials

File conversion (editable office formats)

Document separation

Image clean-up and filtering

Umango Standard

Data capture (including OCR and Barcodes)

Browse export destinations

Data validation on the MFD panel

Umango Pro

Unlimited file destinations

Database lookups

Flexibility with customisable scripts

Umango Elite

Line item extraction (invoices)

Handwriting extraction

Extract data using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI Scanning and Data Extraction

Umango 23 Now Available

With the latest release, Umango 23 delivers powerful AI solutions to the masses at an affordable price by introducing state-of-the-art features and capabilities including:

  • Modern AI scanning technologies.
  • Effortless field capture and processing techniques.
  • Intelligent, context-based responses with ‘AskAI’.
  • Seamless method of invoice job creation.

Building upon Umango's comprehensive feature set, Elite tier delivers all that Umango has to offer with the newest tech in scanning, line item, handwriting and data extraction using AI.

Job Wizard

Because of Umango's focus on ease of-use Job Wizards can now be installed and deployed in less than 2 minutes.

Features include:

1: Deploy new jobs in a few clicks.

2: Target essential options.

3: Step-by-step guidance.

4: Zero training requirement.

User Interface

The Umango UI has a simplistic and sleak design, heavily focused on providing users with a modern and stress-free experience.

1: In-browser experience, Application-like feel.

2: Familiar screen layouts, Intuitive Navigation, Regex builder.

3: Dashboard, Job-build Wizards, Built in product tool, Unlimited export destination.

Integration with PaperCut

Umango is also fully compatible with PaperCut MF, meaning the leading solution in document scanning and data conversion can now be easily integrated with the best solution in Print Management. 

Umango Integration Partners

To provide seamless scanning integration, Umango works with a large number of technology companies and their solutions. Click the link below to find out more about Umango's available connector options and compatibility with Umango tiers.

Umango & iTS: A long-lasting partnership

iTS prides itself on being the exclusive European distributor for Umango Solutions, supplying innovative scanning and file conversion products provided by Umango for years.

We really do value the wonderful friendship iTS and Umango have developed over that time, but don't take our word for it, watch the video and hear what our friends over at Umango have to say about our long lasting partnership.

Umango provides a powerful, easy to configure and use batch scanning, document converting and routing solution that offers a flexible range of options for converting your existing electronic files and scanned paperwork.

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