Introducing PaperCut 20.0

2nd Jun 2020

We at ITS are really excited to announce the release of PaperCut 20.0, PaperCut's most advanced and effective print management solution yet!

...and in with the new!

New Features

  • Epic Integration
  • Easier print enablement
  • Additional failover options
  • Enhanced MFD deployments
  • Multi-domain support in Google Cloud Directory (Percolator)
  • Device Scripting updates
  • So much more!

Epic Integration

PaperCut has entered into an official partnership with Epic, allowing them to work on a print management offering available on Epic’s App Orchard gallery.

With new Epic compliance, hospitals and healthcare providers now have strong print management features like secure printing, Find-me printing and print log tracking.

Easier Print Enablement

Print Deploy (Self-Service) - Users can select their own printers with Print Deploy, allowing you to easily deploy printer drivers and print queues to the right people at the right location, automatically.

Mobility Print - A solution that prints via the internet, Mobility Print is already a great replacement for Google Cloud Print.

Failover Options

  • Alternative high availability solution to protect PaperCut Application Server Layer
  • Maximises PaperCut Application Server uptime
  • Provides self healing in event of application level failure
  • Supports external components
  • Supports web based embeddeds and fully embedded MFDs

Additional Features

  • Device Scripting updates  
  • Duplex and Grayscale defaults
  • Enhanced MFD deployments
  • Multi-domain support in Google Cloud Directory (Percolator)

Region-Specific Features

  • Sharp Language Selection
  • Ricoh Embedded Enhancements
  • Lexmark Integrated Scanning
  • Intuitive BI integration (UK release only 
  • HP 4.3” Screen UI rendering fix

For the full list of enhancements please view the release notes for your version of PaperCut via the links below:

PaperCut MF

PaperCut NG