Introducing PaperCut 20.0

We at ITS are really excited to announce the release of PaperCut 20.0, PaperCut's most advanced and effective print management solution yet!

New Features

  • Epic Integration
  • Easier print enablement
  • Additional failover options
  • Enhanced MFD deployments
  • Multi-domain support in Google Cloud Directory (Percolator)
  • Device Scripting updates
  • So much more!

Epic Integration

PaperCut has entered into an official partnership with Epic, allowing them to work on a print management offering available on Epic’s App Orchard gallery.

With new Epic compliance, hospitals and healthcare providers now have strong print management features like secure printing, Find-me printing and print log tracking.

Easier Print Enablement

  • Print Deploy (Self-Service) - Users can select their own printers with Print Deploy, allowing you to easily deploy printer drivers and print queues to the right people at the right location, automatically.
  • Mobility Print - A solution that prints via the internet, Mobility Print is already a great replacement for Google Cloud Print.

Failover Options

  • Alternative high availability solution to protect PaperCut Application Server Layer
  • Maximises PaperCut Application Server uptime
  • Provides self healing in event of application level failure
  • Supports external components
  • Supports web based embeddeds and fully embedded MFDs

Additional Features

  • Device Scripting updates  
  • Duplex and Grayscale defaults
  • Enhanced MFD deployments
  • Multi-domain support in Google Cloud Directory (Percolator)
  • Region-Specific Features
  • Sharp Language Selection
  • Ricoh Embedded Enhancements
  • Lexmark Integrated Scanning
  • Intuitive BI integration (UK release only 
  • HP 4.3” Screen UI rendering fix