Online and Cash Payments

ITS and PaperCut offer organisations a wide variety of ways in which users can make payment for their print and copy jobs when PaperCut is in place. We have attempted to outline many of the possible options on this page, however please do contact us if you have any questions or unique requirements.

Top-Up / Prepaid Cards

This functionality is available in all versions of PaperCut. PaperCut allows organisations to print out Top-Up Cards with predefined values and expiry dates which can then be sold to users and redeemed by them in a manner similar to mobile phone top-up vouchers. The user simply logs on to the PaperCut end-user web portal and enters the voucher number to add the purchased credit. All attempts to redeem vouchers, successful or otherwise are logged.

Over the Counter Payments

The PaperCut web interface allows staff to credit an account with funds supplied by the user. Alternatively, staff can ask users to pay for the exact cost of their queued print jobs, take the payment and then release the users jobs on their behalf.

Value Loaders

PaperCut MF can support hardware-based value loaders that allow users to pay funds into their accounts using coins and notes. The user authenticates at the value loader using their username, user ID or one of a wide range of supported cards. Receipts can also be provided as proof of their transaction Find out more about the Value Loaders that ITS supply for use with PaperCut MF.


PaperCut supports many web-based payment service providers including Barclays ePDQ and PayPal. The user logs on to the PaperCut end-user portal and adds credit to their account with their chosen payment method. Find out more about the available online payment options in PaperCut. In addition, ITS has also has developed custom payment gateways for ParentPay, La Caixa and Paybox.

Integration with Other Systems

PaperCut can interface with third party systems via a well documented set of APIs. Users may like to add credit to their print and copy account by transferring money from another “virtual money” application already in place at your organisation. Please note that depending on your requirements and the development team’s current workload bespoke development may be a possibility. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

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