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ITS CL3 Value Loader

The ITS CL3 is a fully featured value loader which can be configured to accept a combination of coins, notes or cards for topping up user accounts. The user simply presents their card or enters their ID Number, inserts required funds and optionally, prints a receipt. It is ideal for environments where staff time is at a premium and self-service is essential due to the minimal operator assistance required.


  • 7.5" touch screen
  • Accepts combinations of coins and notes for account top up
  • Accepts contactless credit/debit cards for account top up
  • Accepts multiple user card formats such as ABA, magnetic stripe, prox and barcoded. 
  • Completely self-service in operation offering 24 hour availability
  • Users can top-up their accounts quickly and efficiently
  • Complete record of user transactions via internal meters which count and track deposits
  • Highly secure and robust
  • Wall mountable or optional stand 

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